Community Based Outreach Services
Community Based Outreach Education
Through funding from the Florida Legislators and the Department of Health, the Association employs community
based outreach coordinators to conduct educational workshops, seminars and counseling to raise the awareness
about sickle cell disease and sickle cell trait. The outreach coordinators are located in counties through the state of
Educational Assistance Award
                                    Minnie Adams Memorial Educational Assistance Award
The Educational Assistance Award was initiated in 1980 by Dr. Charles B. McIntosh and Dr. Betty Bigby-Young for
the purpose of supporting individuals with sickle cell disease to further their educational aspirations beyond high
school by attending a colleges, universities or vocational/trade schools of their choice.

Dr. Bigby-Young and Dr. McIntosh devoted many volunteer hours and served in various capacities with the
Association and in their respective communities to assure that individuals with sickle cell disease were afforded
opportunities to be viable members of society.

The Educational Assistance Award was renamed in May, 2010 in memory of, and after the death of Mrs. Minnie
Adams, a long standing member of the Board of Directors. Mrs. Adams chaired the committee for over twenty years.
Her goals, ambitions and desire was to assure that individuals with sickle cell disease was afforded every
opportunity to continue their education.

The Educational Assistance Awards is granted annually.  Awards are mailed directly to the educational institution
designated by the applicant. The awards range from $100 to $1000 per applicant per calendar year, pending
availability of funds. Applications are received January through May and must be postmarked by May 1st to be
considered for the current year.  Applicants will be notified of the status of their applications no later than June 1st.
Awards will be disbursed to education institutions no later than August 1st of each year. All applicants must be
affiliated with a sickle cell disease association in their community.  

The applicant must:
a.        Be a resident of the state of Florida
b.        Be affiliated with the sickle cell disease association in their community of residence
c.        Have a medical diagnosis of sickle cell disease.
d.        Have condition verifiable by a licensed practicing medical doctor.
e.        Be accepted or currently enrolled at least half time in a planned program leading to a certificate, degree or   
        diploma in an accredited vocational/trade school, college or university.

1.        Complete application and return before deadline date.
2.        Submit required documents, signatures and verifications.
3.        Submit two letters of recommendation
a.        One from church or community leader
b.        One from educator or school administrator
4.        Provide follow-up information, documentations or verifications by requested date.
5.        Submit a brief essay describing your educational and life goals and aspirations.
6.        Obtain medical verification
7.        Obtain local chapter official’s signature
8.        Submit entire completed application packet to the local chapter for mailing to the Educational Assistance    
        Award Chairperson by the May 1st deadline.

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