2009 - 2010 Board of Directors

Chief Operating Officer
Mr. Frank Reddick, MA

Dr. Laura Dortch-Edler
Pensacola, Florida
The Association's Board of Directors is comprised of representatives from
each of the 13 member chapters from counties within the state of Florida.
The representative must be affiliated with the local chapter in their county of
residence and e recommended by the local chapter. The following list
includes the board of Directors and chapter Representatives (Ch Rep).

Escambia County                                       Okaloosa/Walton County
Mrs. Ernestine White                                    Mrs. Bernisha McNabb (Ch Rep)
Ms. Barbara Dudley                                      Vacant
Dr. Laura Dortch-Edler                                  Vacant
scda1101@bellsouth.net                               Vacant
Leon County                                                  Northeast (Jacksonville)
Mrs. Velma Penermon-Stevens (Ch Rep)        Mr. Ben Green (Ch Rep)
Vacant                                                              Vacant
Vacant                                                              Vacant
Vacant                                                              Vacant
sicklecellfoundation@gmail.com                      sicklejax@comcast.net

Northcentral (Gainesville)                            Marion County
Rev. Mervin Sheppard                                    Mrs. Marie-Dixon-Jones
Mrs. Angela Howard-Sheppard                      Mr. Thomas Jones
Rev.   Larry Latson                                                  Vacant          

Upper Pinellas/Pasco                                     St. Petersburg
Mrs. Hattie Battle                                             Mrs. Mary Murph (Ch Rep)
Vacant                                                             Vacant
Vacant                                                              Vacant
hattiembattle@yahoo.com                                Vacant

Hillsbourgh County                                         Tri-County (Orlando)
Mr. Frank Reddick (Ch Rep)                            Mrs. Lee Bryan
Vacant                                                               Mrs. Veronica Bryant
Vacant                                                               Ms. Rosemarie Walker-Grant
Vacant                                                               sloper8726@bellsouth.net

Lee/Colllier County (Ft. Myers)                      Volusia County (Daytona)
Mrs. Eva Denson                                                Mrs. Lillian Williams (Ch Rep)
Minister Denson                                                 Vacant
Mrs. Pamela Denson                                          Vacant
Broward County (Ft. Lauderdale)
Ms. Karen Small (Ch Rep)
Board of Directors
Financial Information
The mission of the Sickle Cell Disease Association of Florida is to provide
statewide leadership in educational awareness about health, economical,
psychosocial and social welfare impact of sickle cell disease and related
disorders on individuals and their families in the state of Florida. The
Association serves as an advocate and change agent for services and
programs beneficial to enhancing the lives and well-being of individuals and
families impacted by sickle cell disease. The Association employees community
based outreach coordinators to provide educational awareness presentations,
counseling, and referrals and locates them in chapters across the state.
Financial Information
The Association meets accountability standards. An independent audit is
conducted annually.  
             History abounds with tales of experts
          who were convinced that the ideas, plans,
     and projects of others could never be achieved.
 However, accomplishment came to those who said,
                          “I can make it happen.”
                                                           Author Unknown
In 1971 across the nation an outward campaign for the need to know more
about sickle cell disease began to blossom. In previous years educational
awareness of the disease was of no interest to the majority of the American
public.  Because of the rise in incidents of sickle cell disease, federal and state
health officials began to show some concern.  As a result of the efforts of many
individuals, Richard M. Nixon, serving as president of the United States at the
time, listed sickle cell disease in the category with cancer as a disease
requiring special federal attention. He signed a bill authorizing millions of
dollars to be channel to prevent sickle cell disease.  For the first time in
history, across the nation, medical and legislative neglect of sickle cell anemia
became a major health issue.  Federal allocations rose dramatically and
numerous programs were born. Sickle cell testing became a new phenomenal
and thousands of individuals were tested to determine if they carried the
recessive gene, responsible for sickle cell disease.

As time past interest at the federal level began to decline.  Several groups and
individuals who had worked diligently to improve services to enhance the
quality of life for sickle cell individuals were devastated.  They recognized the
importance of the need for improved health care and educational awareness
more so than ever now.  Therefore, the birth of local chapters began.
Chapters across the nation began to surface one after another with a mission
to the world to better understand sickle cell disease and other

In 1972 Johnnie Ruth Clarke, Ph.D. organized the State Sickle Cell Foundation
of Florida. The foundation later changed its name to Sickle Cell Association of
Florida, Incorporated.  Dr. Clarke gave unselfishly of her time, talent and
resources to the support and sustains the organization and its programs.   
Supported by many other activists for the cause, Dr. Clarke was successful in
keeping a viable interest in sickle cell.  While the scope, initiatives and
interventions related to sickle cell have broaden, so has the need for the
existence of the State Association. The State Association continues to make
progress as the “gatekeeper” for services, program and enactment of
legislature to improve the quality of life for individuals with sickle cell.  The
Florida State Association is one of the largest Sickle Cell organizations in the
United States.

The State Association is a 501© 3 not-for-profit organization.  It’s purpose is to
stimulate community interest in the need for improved services and programs
to enhance the quality of life for sickle cell individuals; provide educational
programs to encourage awareness of the disease; develop and implement
other related programs and services; support research efforts, and engage in
state and national legislature and other methodologies to decrease and/or
resolve the problems associated with sickle cell disease.

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